custom protocols for unique laboratory instrumentation and review of vendor submitted qualification documents by a team with decades of qualification document delivery. Our team can help you create qualification protocols that suit your needs for hardware and software systems.

Complete validation of computer systems to follow ICH guidelines for computer systems.

unique, small volume analytical challenges (aka Brent’s work)

Custom reports from vendor software; unique solutions for complex reports; LIMS integration and reporting; custom calculations for results.

custom hardware, software and application support for gas chromatography analyzers.

National Laboratory Services provides on-site support for a range of Isotope Ratio instrumentation, including new and legacy products. Stewart Cusator operates an isotope ratio reference lab in order to support the h. Plyori Urea Breath Test community with parts, repairs, consulting, and custom 13CO2/12CO2 isotope gas reference blends.

From initial design to commissioning, we provide expertise at all stages of new lab design and start-up.

We can help with establishing sample preparation.

Complete method validation services. National Laboratory Services can validate new analytical methods to ICH and Health Canada guidelines. We can provide different amounts of support from a complete service, to providing guidance for staff on what testing needs to be completed, to evaluation of data and detailed reports.

Customer PAL/CTC sample preparation solutions for automating complex sample preparation problems including sample cleanup, dilutions, internal standard addition, and custom reporting.

Standard Operating Procedures for laboratory instruments in the process or GxP environment. We can generate standard procedures based on existing methods or provide guidance and improvements to existing methods.

on-site training for the analytical laboratory: software, hardware, application, quality systems.