Brent Loshney

Meet Brent Loshney, an accomplished chemist who operates Chiral Laboratories, an analytical research and development laboratory located at the University of Victoria’s Vancouver Island Technology Park in Victoria BC, that he founded a decade ago.

An Entrepreneur at heart Brent seeks out tough challenges and strives to solve complex problems. With interests in analytical chemistry he has developed and implemented methodologies ranging from trace chemical residue analysis to quality control of raw and finished health products utilizing chromatography, spectroscopy and spectrometry techniques.

Special projects have led to the development of unique separations of chiral enantiomers and speciated organo-metallic compounds. He has special research interests in extraction, isolation and identification of active compounds from natural sources with applications in the health sciences. Brent is a member of the professional chemists of British Columbia and holds a degree in chemistry from University of British Columbia Okanagan.